Raid and Run
Raid and Run
Raid and Run
Raid and Run
Raid and Run

Raid and Run

Jamun, Cumin & Himalayan Pink Salt - 400ml

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At a Glance:

Makes 4 drinks

Vegan & All-natural

9 months shelf life

Tangy & Sweet

67 kcal per drink

Pairs With:

Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila
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Hurling stones at a jamun tree or violently shaking the branch as the jamuns fall from the tree is a classic 90’s thing, isn’t it? Some shatter into pools of purple and some remain round and plump, the perfect pick! And just when you have a handful, the guard comes running to shoo you away, stealing is forbidden after all! 

This mixer is an ode to that sweet and sour laughter, those purple stained mouths and the pure sense of achievement and victory! When you sip this cocktail, first there’s a burst of sweet and sour flavor and then it settles with the savory taste of the jeera lingering, tempting you to take another sip.