I'm sure you are reading this cos you are probably wondering how a 21-year-old could be crazy enough to work with his mom and vice-versa. The pandemic changed a lot of things for a lot of people and this is what it did to my family. When I saw the lockdown pull the plug on a business that was no doubt, already on a ventilator, I knew our best option is to pull out all that duty-free booze we've been stocking up for years cos now we really needed a drink! Yes, we are a family who is protective about their duty-free buys and yes, of course, we are the ones who travel cos we want to make a pit-stop at the duty-free liquor store.

Jordan, then interning at Le Meridien, Dubai luckily gets back in time and decides he will spend his lockdown trying out his mixology skills on us. The combination is perfect!!! The decision is made, we will sell cocktail mixers to the likes of us who love having a good cocktail. And by good, I mean the real deal.
At that moment, I didn't realise that we'd started off on a very different journey. One that's going to be a roller-coaster ride with its crazy ups and downs. One that begins with us delivering made-on-order cocktail mixers in Mumbai, and shutting down in 3 months when I realise it's not scalable. The saga continues with us, now working on a bottled version with a stable shelf-life and finally nailing it. We can now deliver PAN India, yay!!! The flavours are unique, the mixers are a hit, we are building loyalty and it's so exciting.

Well, this story ain't finished yet, it has only just begun. I'm going to keep adding to it as things keep happening with us. And trust me, there's some good stuff happening. Hopefully, we get Jordan to pen down his thoughts as well (fingers crossed). Then you'll truly know why a 21-year-old was crazy enough to get into business with his mom :)
 - Jovita
Co-founder Bartisans
Jovita Mascarenhas, is full of life, enthusiastic about learning and has a never-give-up attitude. She is the driving force at Bartisans. Despite a Diploma in Hotel Management, she drifted into the fields of design and product manufacture. Now, back in the field of food & beverage, she feels she is home!!!
Jordan Mascarenhas is a certified bartender from the European Bartenders School and a Hospitality Professional. As our resident mixologist, he not only curates our menu but also handles brand building.