Bartisans began with our family’s love for cocktails. It was lockdown and we had pulled out all our duty-free booze to keep our spirits high (pun intended).

Jordan, a trained mixologist, was back home from his internship at the Grosvenor House Dubai and decided to make his cocktail-loving parents, Jovita and Carl, his guinea pigs. His practice sessions were quite a hit in the Mascarenhas house and friends were a tad bit jealous (no lies, we promise). So was born the idea of delivering DIY cocktail kits to other cocktail lovers staying safe at home. 

These kits were 100% fresh and real ingredients, we could only deliver a limited number in Mumbai and they needed to be consumed within 24 hours. The love these kits got was incredibly motivating. 

We heard back from customers saying please make this last longer. So we did. We went from our little home kitchen to a workshop and got mixing. After multiple trials, we perfected 8 unique recipes for cocktail mixers that lasted 2 months and were still all natural (we like mixers but not harmful mix-ins). This marked the birth of our little black bottles. 

Eight unique flavours that expanded to 13 over the course of one year. Again, the love our mixers got was encouraging. We went to food festivals and events, met all of our incredible customers and learnt so much about what you liked and what you wanted us to change. We heard and we implemented. 

In June 2022, we decided to rework Bartisans. The brand, the product, the purpose. We went back to where we started and recollected why we started. We believe that cocktails bring people together but make for great company themselves. Cocktails are always part of a larger experience, a bigger story. It's always in your hand, and you're taking sips in between delightful conversations, some serious others silly. You’re humming your favourite tune and you stop to take a sip. You're sitting at a table with your friends or family, sharing a delicious meal but you involuntarily take a sip of your drink. You're having one drink then another or maybe you stop at one because the evening is delightful and that’s just the mood!

"Each of our flavours is born out of our stories, our experiences."

If you read them, you'll see that you've had experiences that have evoked the same feelings! What you drink is often a part of your personality. (You know, the Gin-lover, The Whisky-or-nothing or the 'I need my ale' guy!)

"We want to encourage you to explore, experiment and experience the fascinating world of cocktails with flavours you hadn’t considered before, find new favourites and have a happy hour all along!"

When you have cocktails with our mixers, we encourage you to look around the room, admire the place, the people, the conversations, and then #TakeASip.