What is a Cocktail Mixer?

A Cocktail Mixer will help you make a perfect cocktail in just 3 steps. Put the alcohol, mixer and ice into a cocktail shaker in the ratio mentioned, shake or stir as per instructions, pour out your bar-quality cocktail in the glass and serve! Every one of our bottled mixers is made with a sweetener, an acid, and a bittering agent, so that every cocktail is harmonious. Each bottle comes with a ratio mentioned on the label, dictating how much spirit to use with how much mixer, whether that be the smoked pineapple basil margarita mix, ginger spiced whiskey sour mix or any of the other creative flavors. We know you're thinking, "What about the booze?" Well there’s no alcohol included, that you have got to add on your own.

How many cocktails will each bottle make?

Every mixer bottle will make anywhere from 5 to 8 drinks depending on the flavor and the ratio you use to make your cocktail. Just refer to the bottle label to know how many cocktails you can make with the same.

Who creates the cocktail mixer recipes?

Jordan, our co-founder and resident mixologist creates our fabulous cocktail mixer combinations. Apart from being a passionate bartender who is certified by the European Bartender School, he was first runner-up at the Young Sommeliers Olympiad, 2020 organized by the prestigious IWBS, India.

How long can I keep the mixers and do they need to be refrigerated?

An unopened bottle will last you for 2 months at room temperature. Once opened, make sure you refrigerate it and it is best used within 2 weeks of opening.

Can I see a list of ingredients of what exactly is in each cocktail mixer?

Yes! We list all ingredients of the contents on the bottle and on the website. We are quite conscious of food allergies, religious dietary laws and dietary restrictions and will try our best to let you know exactly what is going into your cocktails. Also all our mixers are all natural and vegan-friendly.

How can I gauge if I'll enjoy a drink?

You can take a look at the ingredients in the cocktail to see if it's something you'd like! We also provide a quick description to help you determine what type of flavor profile each cocktail will provide.

My cocktail won't look good without a garnish!

Exactly! That is why we have a range of dehydrated garnishes for you. You can include these along with your order and the cocktails you make at home will look no less than the ones you buy at a bar. 

What's more... you can elevate your experience, by choosing from our fabulous assortment of bar tools.

There's an issue with the cocktail mixer I received!

Oh no!  So sorry for the inconvenience!

Please take a photo of the issue (cell phone photo is perfectly acceptable!) and Whatsapp it to +918657099021 or e-mail it to info@bartisans.in along with a description of the issue, as well as any order details.

We'll make sure you're taken care of!

Do you ever have Special Offers or Promotions?

Definitely. If you sign up for our email newsletter, you will be aware of all special offers and promotions.

Will you make custom gift boxes?

Yes. Organizing a special event? Want to create a custom box as a corporate gift?

Please contact info@bartisans.in or call us at +918657099021 to discuss adding your personal twist to any cocktail mixer or even creating your own.

When will my order arrive?

Our orders are shipped by the next working day. We offer same delivery in Mumbai for orders placed before 3PM on working days. Metro cities take 5-6 days to receive the order and all other places mostly receive their orders in 7-10 days.

Do you ship to all cities in India?

Well yes!!! We do ship to almost all cities in India.

I would like to send a cocktail mixer as a gift. Can I have them gift-wrapped and a card included in the package?

Yes, definitely. Please tick the gift-wrap option box on the product page while placing your order and write your note in the ‘Add Order Note’ section while buying. Your note will be handwritten and included when we ship your gift.

Do you accept returns or offer refunds?

No. All orders are final sale. If your cocktail mixer arrives broken or not as expected, our team will work with you to find a solution. We want you to be happy and excited when you receive our cocktail mixers! Please let us know immediately regarding any damage by sending us a whatsapp message on +918657099021.