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Hey there! That fabulous looking cocktail that you see, is what YOU can make at home in less than 2 minutes, in just 3 steps. All you need is the spirit of your choice, ice and your favorite mixer from Bartisans!!!



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Here's to making partying at home easier with minimum effort and at affordable cost! Give it a shot! :)

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Every mixer bottle will make anywhere from 5 to 8 drinks depending on the flavor and the ratio you use to make your cocktail. Just refer to the bottle label to know how many cocktails you can make with the same.

An unopened bottle will last you for 2 months at room temperature. Once opened, make sure you refrigerate it and it is best used within 2 weeks of opening.

Our orders are shipped by the next working day. We offer same delivery in Mumbai for orders placed before 3PM on working days. Metro cities take 5-6 days to receive the order and all other places mostly receive their orders in 7-10 days.

Well yes!!! We do ship to almost all cities in India.

Yes! We list all ingredients of the contents on the bottle and on the website. We are quite conscious of food allergies, religious dietary laws and dietary restrictions and will try our best to let you know exactly what is going into your cocktails. Also all our mixers are all natural and vegan-friendly.

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Enjoyed best with cocktails!

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