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Liquid Gold

Ginger & Spice

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At a Glance:

Makes 4 drinks

Vegan & All-natural

9 months shelf life

Spicy and earthy

51 kcal per drink

Pairs With:

Whiskey, Vodka
Take a sip of Liquid Gold. Inspired by the ancient recipe for all cures. Infused with crushed ginger, the spices linger when you take a sip of our Liquid Gold. It's the soul-soothing remedy to a bad day or a toast to a good one. Even Nani and Dadi will agree, Ginger is the solution to everything!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Rajesh Gopalan
Perfect bourbon mixer

I like my cocktails with a mix of sweet and spice. This mixer brings in just the right amount of ginger too to the party. It made my bartending look good in our Christmas home party. Loved it with my Jim Beam/Jack Daniels. Highly recommend it.

Turn your drawing room into a speakeasy

I heartily recommend the ginger whiskey sour and marigold martini mixes. Absolutely cannot think of a flip side except the bottles are not bottomless :) The product line is so well curated with that one is left with no choice but to find occasions to feel more indulgent! Attention to detail from how to instructions to customer services earn extra brownie points!! Good team team Bartisans!!

Akriti Gera

Amazing drinks with minimum effort.tried it with and without alcohol - tasted so good. Add soda for an extra zing !

Classy all the way

Amazing cocktails and beautiful packaging! This was my favorite one :)

Gaurab Chaudhury

Absolutely loved the Ginger Spiced Whisky Sour mix . I have tried multiple premixes and this one is in a league of its own . Follow the ratios and you will have a perfect cocktail each time . The quality of ingredients is evident.

Will now look to try more of Bartisans