A photograph of a classic margarita made using Bartisans cocktail mixer, displayed on a lime green background. The margarita has a bright yellow color and is garnished with a wedge of lime on the rim of the glass. The cocktail is served in a clear glass with a salt rim, and the label of the Bartisans mixer bottle can be seen in the foreground. The lighting in the photo emphasizes the brightness of the yellow drink and highlights the texture of the salt on the rim.
Classic Margarita
A photograph of a classic margarita being poured into a clear glass from a water jug, with a Bartisans margarita glass bottle visible in the background. The margarita has a pale yellow color and is being poured. The water jug is held by an in-frame hand, and the background features a neutral surface to make the bright colors of the cocktail and glassware stand out.
A photograph of the nutritional information label on the back of the cocktail mixers bottle. The label displays the serving size, number of calories, and the amount of carbohydrates, sugars, and other nutrients in each serving. The label also includes the manufacturer's name and address, as well as the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) license number. In the background, there is a simple, neutral-colored backdrop to ensure that the text on the label is clear and easy to read.
An image displaying step-by-step instructions for making a cocktail using the mixers. The instructions are shown in clear, easy-to-read text and include illustrations of the various mixers being used. The necessary ingredients and tools, such as glasses and shakers, are also shown in the image. The background is a neutral color to make the text and illustrations stand out.

Classic Margarita

Orange & Himalayan Pink Salt - 400ml

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Pairs With:

Tequila, Gin

At a Glance:

Makes 4 drinks

Vegan & All-natural

12 months shelf life

Citrus and sweet

48 kcal per drink

Nothing says party like a pitcher of Margaritas and we have the best one ever! Such a simple drink yet so tough to master. The main flavor notes in the Bartisans margarita are sour lime, floral citrus from the orange liqueur, and a hint of sweetness. If you're feeling fancy, add a salt rim to finish!

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Customer Reviews

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Deepshikha Batra

An instant mood lifter


I'm loving these mixers! They're a hit in my bookeasy to use, yummy flavors, and they've taken my cocktail skills up a notch. Definitely worth trying out

Apoorva Parulekar

Great products but price an be better


attention to detail and the seamless blending of flavors make them stand out

Tools Wholesaler

I didn't like the taste.