A photograph of a classic mojito cocktail made with Bartisans cocktail mixer, displayed on a neutral background. The mojito is served in a clear glass and has a pale green color, with sprigs of fresh mint visible floating in the liquid. A copper jigger and a glass bottle of Bartisans cocktail mixer are placed in the background, providing context
A photograph of two mojitos being prepared and served in clear glasses, with a copper jigger and ice cubes visible below. The mojitos have a pale green color and are garnished with sprigs of fresh mint on top and lime cross sections floating in the drink
A photograph of two mojitos served in clear glasses, with a bottle of Bartisans mojito cocktail mixer placed beside them. The mojitos have a pale green color and are garnished with sprigs of fresh mint on top. The clear glasses allow the viewer to see the texture and color of the drink, while the Bartisans mojito cocktail mixer bottle provides context for the image and suggests that the cocktails are made using this mixe
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Classic Mojito

Lime & Mint - 400ml

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Pairs With:

Rum, Vodka

At a Glance:

Makes 4 drinks

Vegan & All-natural

12 months shelf life

Citrus and mint

44 kcal per drink


A Cuban classic for good reason, a Mojito is the perfect combination of sweet, citrus, and herbaceous minty flavor. It makes the perfect summer cocktail but it's always summer in India, right?

The toughest part of making a good Mojito is muddling the mint and lemon well enough so that the freshness of the mint shines through. We've perfected the recipe so you can get straight to drinking!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Santhosh Puttaraju

pure refreshment and lovely, invigorating flavors.

Bareera Fatima

Actually we are non-alcoholic, so we tried it with soda but the taste is not that good as expected due to the less sweetness in the syrup. But I think you had made this drink only to serve with alcohol.

Deepak Agarwal

I consider myself a bit of a drink connoisseur, and these beverages have earned a permanent spot in my favorites.

Manhar Sons

What amazed me most was the simplicity it didn't take a mixologist to create magic. This mixer is a must-have for anyone who appreciates quality cocktails without the fuss!


Mixers are top-notch in both taste and presentation