Take a Chance
Take a Chance
Take a Chance
Take a Chance
Take a Chance

Take a Chance

Spiced Rose

Sale priceRs. 495.00

At a Glance:

Makes 4 drinks

Vegan & All-natural

9 months shelf life

Floral, citrus and spicy

51 kcal per drink

Pairs With:

Whiskey, Gin

Take a sip to push out of your comfort zone. This cocktail is made of rose but it's like nothing you've ever tasted before. The mild floral notes, paired with warmth from the spices are perfectly balanced with a dash of lime juice.

When opportunities like this come at a glance, it’s your turn to take a chance! It may seem like a risk, but trust us, it will click. Like everything else in life, if you don't take a chance, how will you know?

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Vishal Shah
Unexpectedly delicious!

We had served this with Gin at our party and it was an instant hit. Everyone was skeptical of having something with rose, but it was very well balanced. Loved it!

Yash Kapadia
Great innovative mixers

Great mixers particularly the rose cardamom !

EKTA Gupta
My Favourite

I was on a search for a cocktail mix since ages. It is cumbersome to buy so many bottles of syrups and others to make cocktails. And bit time consuming. This is easy peasy. Pour + Pour + Ice = Delicious Drink!
The first time me and friends drank a lot cos it was so easy and delicious.
I loved the packaging - paper and reusable glass bottle.
In fact, I reused the box for sending a small parcel.
I am using the glass bottle to store hair oil.
A lot of time and research goes in packaging.
This brand is good.

Ahalya Acharya
Great Flavours

Rose and cardamom paired well. Even the cheapest whisky tastes great with this. Remember to shake as instructed, because otherwise you'll be able to taste only the rose/cardamom. Also, if you don't usually like Whisky Sours, you'll still like this because it tastes so unlike its traditional counterpart.

Erica Desouza
Just what I wanted

The high mixer quality with innovative flavours won my heart. The brand values - bottle reuse, package recycling + vegan made my day. It made me want to end work on sat and make myself a cocktail and getting it ready was as much a part of the experience as drinking it.