5 cocktail trends to watch out for in 2022

5 cocktail trends to watch out for in 2022

Twists on classics to portable drinks, here are trends that will make a splash in 2022! Read on to know how and where you can try all the new cocktail trends.
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2022 is giving us hopes of normality, of putting the struggles of COVID behind us. All of us are ready to live boldly now and we expect this sentiment to flow into the world of cocktails as well. Twists on classics to portable drinks, here are trends that will make a splash in 2022!

1. Convenience. Convenience. Convenience 

Call us the devil’s advocate but COVID brought a lot of convenience to those who could afford it. We had everything from groceries to gourmet cocktails delivered. This has us a tad bit spoiled. Ready to drink, pre-batched or canned drinks - however you want to call them, are here to stay! 
Among these varieties, pre-mixes are definitely having their moment of glory! These allow you to experiment and try new things in the comfort of your home. Added bonus, they make you feel like a pro-mixologist and your cocktail, your labour (not so much) of love, tastes a hundred times better! 
If you’re just starting to explore the world of cocktails, let premixes be your guide and Bartisans your best friend! You can make an exquisite cocktail in just three simple steps. Simply pour 30 ml of the mixer into a shaker with ice, shake or stir as directed, pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!
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2. No more mocking the mocktails

No more looking away from the boring mocktail menu. Bars and restaurants will start developing inventive non-alcoholic menus to complement the cocktail menus. Maybe we change the inherently mocking term “mocktail”?
Mind you, this isn’t only to cater to our teetotaller friends, but we see more people who just don’t want to drink that much. Folks want to enjoy the same complex flavors of a cocktail without the alcohol. Gatherings have become overly focused on alcohol and the zero-proof industry can refocus it to human connection.  In 2022, expect everyone to have a glass in their hands!
Here’s a list of zero-proof mixers that can be had with or without alcohol: Bartisans mixers

3. Finding Feni

India saw the ‘Ginaissance’ in 2019, a spike in the popularity of Gin. 2020 was the year of rum and expect 2022 to be the tear of handcrafted, premium Feni.
For the uninitiated, Feni is a heritage drink from Goa made out of cashews. This tropical drink pairs very well with other liquors like whiskey and makes delicious cocktails. India superstar bartender Yangdup Lama already uses Feni in his takes on classic cocktails. The potential is unexplored with this spirit. 

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4. Drinks will go vegan

The world needs sustainability and customers are demanding brands to take responsibility. The bar is no exception. From low-waste production strategies to stainless steel straws, we are finding ways to do our bit for the environment. Businesses too are realizing that it isn’t tough to produce vegan products. 
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5. The hunt for the next big ingredient

We all saw the rise of Blue Pea. From rice to tea, we had it in every form. In search for the next hero ingredient continues, we expect to see people giving a chance to bolder and more adventurous drinks. Experimentation itself will be the biggest trend of the year.
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